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An essence is the energetic imprint of the life-force or vibration of the flower. The imprint is captured using sunlight in spring water. The essence is taken in drops orally on the tongue or can be placed in water.


Essences work specifically on emotional levels by transforming any negative emotions into positive ones thus bringing the individual back into balance.


Such a positive realignment in turn promotes the individual’s potential for self-healing.


Flower & vibrational essences benefit us even when we are not physically unwell.


By restoring balance and promoting well-being, essences can help support an individual through difficult times or when tired or stressed.


Flower essences are safe to use by people of all ages from babies to the elderly; they are also beneficial for animals and plants.


Essences are non-addictive, have no side-effects and do not interfere with medication or other treatments.

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Dr Bach flower essences

Trinity Haven Flower Essences by Maria Doherty


Trinity Haven flower essences by Maria Doherty

Nasturtium - Purple Fuchsia - Pink Rose - Purple Orchid - Autumn Crocus



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